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Congratulations on your special day. The below information will help answer some of your questions but if there is anything else we can help you with please don't hesitate to contact us.


When contacting us about information such as pricing please include as much information as possible. Please include your serving size, number of tiers, and a general design idea we can work towards as we will not be able to answer your questions without this type of information provided to us.  Any pictures will help as examples even if it is not the final design, but the quote will not be completely accurate until we have the final design.


Orders can be placed anytime up to 6 months in advance, we advise a 2-4 month timeline to ensure all aspects of your cake are covered. That doesn't mean we haven't taken wedding cake orders 2 weeks in advance in the past, so feel free to ask, we may just be able to accommodate the order.

(Delivery unavailable for the foreseeable future)


  • We offer consultations at no charge.  Orders over approximately 75 cake servings or $300 also includes 1 complimentary tasting session with your choice of  up to 3 flavours to sample.  If you are slightly under the serving size/price range we are  happy to offer a sample of our product to try.  Let us Know which day you can drop by and we will have one ready for you. Baker's choice cupcakes are also available to purchase in 6 packs for $15.

  • When choosing flavours, please refer to our website for flavour options and provide us with the names.  Please note that although we have paired certain flavours together, cake and icing options are interchangeable and do not have to be paired in the manner we have set up. 

  • Please note that tasting options are limited to the flavours listed on our website, and other flavours such as carrot, banana, etc. will not be available for tastings, but can be used for the order itself.

  • If you would like to drop in without an appointment for some general information please feel free to do so, but tastings do require appointments. 

  • Please bring any pictures or inspirational materials for your cake design if you have any.

  • We ask that you limit the amount of people attending the consultation to 3-4 (in total)  in order to serve you better.


  • Cake prices will vary based on many factors but our base prices are generally start around $3.50/serving for fondant cakes.  Serving size, buttercream finish vs. fondant, number of tiers, flowers, etc. will have a great impact on price and therefore can only be priced with a final design.  

  • Cupcakes are priced $45/2 dozen and will increase in price with customization.  Please note that although cupcakes can sometimes seem more economical, adding custom work on individual cupcakes can result in a higher price than a cake.

  • False cakes do reduce the price slightly depending on the tier, but will not cut the price in half, contrary to popular belief.



We offer free delivery to Newmarket and Aurora. Delivery fees to the remaining GTA/York Region areas can be provided  for you. You are also welcome to pick up your cake if you wish to do so.  Deliveries will be arranged within a 2 hour window. We require someone to be present to accept the order. That can be either a member of the wedding group or an employee of the venue.  If someone is not present at the venue when we arrive, we will wait for 5 minutes which afterwards the cake will be left on a table as we are not able to wait any longer.  If the venue is closed when we arrive, the cake will be returned to the bakery and can be picked up our next business day.  

Flavours & Allergens

  • You are welcome to choose any flavours you like as they have no bearing on the design (with the exception of naked cakes).  

  • We offer gluten free, dairy free, and vegan cake options for dietary restrictions only.  Vegan flavours only available in chocolate flavours. These options are available for most of our flavours and cupcakes and must be ordered by the dozen.  We do not have any nuts in our facility or our products but cannot make any guarantees as we are not able to control air born allergens.

Serving Size

Your serving size will depend on your wedding setup.  If you have a dessert table, you will probably not need a cake feeding 100% of your guests.  If your cake is your only dessert, you will need to make sure you have enough for everyone, especially if your setup is not buffet style and your dessert is being served individually as you don't want a few tables not to get served.

Additional Info

  • We require a 50% deposit to confirm your order. We accept cash, credit, debit, and e-transfer.

  • For such items such as ribbons, toppers, etc., we can either provide you with these items, or you can purchase them yourself and bring them in for us to use.

  • We offer setups for sweets tables and charge based on the amount of work required. The average amount is roughly $50-$100 for most setups.  (unavailable at the moment)

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