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How much lead time do orders need?   

It depends on the week as sometimes we fill up faster than usual but usually 1 - 3 weeks in a safe timeline.  We have taken orders with a few days notice at times, we just can't guarantee it every week.  Cupcakes can usually be ordered up to 24 hours and sometime same day or even 1-2 hours in advance.

Do products need to be refrigerated?   


Cupcakes:  best kept at room temperature (21c) or cooler.  If you are storing them for more than a couple of days, it would be best to take them out of the box and place them in an air tight container.  Keep them away from warmth to keep the icing from softening and drooping. 

Cakes: Keep in fridge but make sure to leave it at room temp for roughly a couple of hours to soften the cake.  Cake straight from the fridge will be hard and may seem stale so don't skip this step.  Keep away from warm areas. If you do not have fridge space find the coldest place in your house, such as a cold cellar (or garage/car in the winter).

Cookies/cake pops:  best kept at room temp (21c) or cooler

How much is a cake? 

It is impossible to provide any pricing on custom cakes/cupcakes, without detailed info, as there are thousands of price differences for every detail of every product.  Starting prices are listed under the Pricing & Sizes page, but without providing us with a serving size and a detailed description of the design (usually by sending a picture) we are not able to answer this question. Same applies to all products.

What falls under Starting cake prices?

"Starting cake" prices are basic white covered cakes with no added details.

Can you open earlier or close later for me to pick up? 


No.  We open and close sharply at the stated hours. Our business works very hard to ensure you order is ready on time. You would not expect us to be late with your order when you arrive, so we ask for the same courtesy and professionalism. We are not able to stay longer if you have lost track of time, stuck as Costco, got the times wrong, had to stop for balloons, totally slipped your mind, etc.  Nor are we able to open earlier if you have brunch plans, want to leave for your cottage earlier, etc., etc. Please ensure our hours work for you prior to placing an order with us, or arrange to pick up the previous day.


If you are not able to arrive on time (which you can find on our website, Google, and will most likely been confirmed with you when placing your order), you can pick up the order on our next business day. But please note if that happens to be a few days after the fact, we cannot guarantee the freshness of the product, and are not able to offer a refund. And of course you will not have the order for the event date you needed it for so please ensure you are on time.   We can however try to freeze the product for you (if design allows) in order to salvage freshness as best as possible.


I've never tried your products, are they good?   



Last minute orders:  

If we are able to accommodate last minute orders we would be happy to help but it's not always possible.  Last minute orders can sometime be accommodated depending on design, and based on how last minute it is.  Please feel free to contact us with your design, and we can let you know if we can accommodate. It may help if you are open to changes that would allow us to take the order.  Also since it is last minute, please be ready to go with all relevant info such as serving size, flavour, and deposit as it will be a very fast process to book you in sometimes with only a few hours leeway before we have to decline the order.

Cancellation policy

We can only take a limited amount of orders to ensure quality work. The 50% deposit secures your order, which means that you have taken a time slot that another customer can no longer have.  Materials have been purchased for your order specifically and time has been allocated to complete that order. That being said, we understand illness and life happens, so in case of a cancellation the following policy is in place:

Cake cancellations: full refund issued prior to 7 days (provided a specific item/product has not been purchased for your order).  We will not be able to refund the 50% deposit under 7 days.

Orders of $350+ require 14 days notice (provided a specific product/item has not been purchased for your order).

Cupcakes: Standard (as in non-custom) cupcake orders of 4 dozen or more, all custom cupcakes, all cookies, & all cake pops fall under the CAKE cancellation policy above.

Standard Cupcakes (under 4 dozen) - full refund prior to 24 hours of pickup time.

Choosing cupcake flavours:

Cupcakes: You can either choose the Baker's Choice Assorted where we put together a variety of flavours for you OR you can choose 2 flavours of your own choosing per every dozen. For example 6 vanilla and 6 caramel for 12 cupcakes or 1 flavour for 6 cupcakes.  

Mini cupcakes: Bakers Choice Assorted or 1 flavour per dozen.  

Cake pops: 1 flavour per dozen

(please note that cake pops use very little icing so other than the base flavours of chocolate and vanilla, the icing flavours of strawberry, latte, etc. will not be that obvious so although you are welcome to choose them, please know that the flavour wont be as obvious).

Allergen free options: Please see Gluten Free/Vegan page for info.

Do you deliver?  

Not at the moment.

Do you have any cakes or cupcakes for walk-ins?


All products are baked fresh to order so we do not have anything on hand, but we can usually accommodate cupcakes same day or around 2 hours most times.

Can you duplicate another design exactly?

We are aware that everyone has an idea of what they would like the final outcome of their product to be and we go out of out way to make sure it it as close to the example you have provide us.  But please know that due to many reasons, we are not able to duplicate another product exactly. We will make every attempt to mimic the design as close as we can, but it is not possible to copy every detail and colour shade 100%. If this is not something that works for you please let us know before we continue with the inquiry/order or email us with a "Cancel Inquiry".

How big are your mini cupcakes?

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