During COVID-19:


  • operating hours will vary and email is the best way to reach us

  • storefront will only be open for customers to pick up, no walk-ins

  • we are offering in-person consultations but please call ahead for a general time

  • We will most likely be able to take orders for Thursdays/ Fridays 1-2 pm, and Saturdays 12-1 pm (subject to change)

  • Cake pickups only Fri & Sat

  • cake & cupcakes can be picked up at our location or cupcakes can be delivered using Uber Eats (our delivery option directly from us has been suspended until further notice)

  • orders are always taken on a first come first serve basis with a deposit, and due to our limited hours/resources at the moment, space can fill up as fast as a few hours or few days from your inquiry so unfortunately we may have to turn down orders faster than usual. As always a 50% deposit confirms orders.

  • Cupcakes, for remainder of 2020, will only be offered as Baker's Choice assorted packs (although if you are looking for 1 flavour like just choc or vanilla, we will try our best to accommodate most of that flavour if we can).

Hours of Operation

**Hours found on Google or elsewhere not applicable until further notice**








10 am   -   2 pm
10 am   -   5 pm
10 am   -   5 pm
10 am   -   5 pm
10 am   -   5 pm
10 am   -   12 pm
(If you are travelling far please call ahead to make sure we are available).

465 Timothy St. 

Newmarket, ON

L3Y 1P9

Get In Touch

465 Timothy St.

Newmarket, ON

L3Y 1P9

*We require a 50% deposit in order to confirm all orders. Please note that although you may have placed an order, it will not be considered as a confirmed order until a deposit is received. 

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